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Expense in University of Science and Technology Beijing

I. Medical Insurance

University of Science and Technology Beijing requires all international students to have sufficient medical insurance throughout the duration of study, which at least covers Accident Insurance and Hospitalization. Students can either buy the insurance before coming to China, or buy it here in China. Upon registration, foreign students should submit documents from their insurance companies, which must prove that they are covered for accidents and hospitalization within the duration of study. The documents should be in Chinese or English.

Failure to submit the insurance documents will result in refusal to registration.

II. Accommodation Information

50¥/per day for one year accommodation. Students will live at International Students Dormitory at USTB. Two students share a room. (With air-conditioner, TV, telephone, pay internet, separate washroom with shower, public kitchen).

Students can also choose to live off campus, but must register to the local police station. 

III. Tuition (per person per year)


English Taught Program

Chinese Taught Program

Exchange Program

Tuition fee waiving

Tuition fee waiving

University Credit Program



Undergraduate Program

No English taught course

23,300 RMB

Master’s Program


316,00 RMB

Doctorate Program



Internship Program(3 months)



IV. Chinese Learning Program Tuition Fee

One semester program


One academic Program


Summer School (4 weeks)


Short-term internship

According to the program content

V. Airport Transportation

Beijing Capital International airport is located about 40 minutes from USTB campus by car and about 1 hour by bus.

VI. Meals

The cost of meals varies greatly depending on budget and tastes, but a good meal costs about 20-30 RMB.

Note that our summer program does not include three meals per day. Students may have meals at public student cafeteria and international students restaurant.

VII. Recreation

USTB owns an Olympic Gymnasium on campus which held competition events for Judo and Taekwondo in 2008. Now this gym has been transformed to venues of Table Tennis, tennis, badminton, basketball and swimming pool. You may use the swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center and other campus recreational facilities.

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